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PTA to stop baseless promotional calls and SMS

PTA to stop baseless promotional calls and SMS
PTA to stop baseless promotional calls and SMS

The Lahore High Court has guided Pakistan Media transmission Specialist to stop ridiculous limited time calls and instant messages because of a request documented by a native. 

Equity Shahid Jamil had called upon Muhammad Shafique, Correspondence Chief of PTA. On being inquired as to why PTA isn't making any move against these spam messages. Shafique referenced that no legitimate system exists to stop these baseless messages. 

Be that as it may, Shahid Jamil brought up that if such messages can not be halted, a move can be made against numbers spreading these special messages. He referenced that PTA is an administrative body and ought to have the option to take such activities against spam. 

The case will be heard on nineteenth July again and PTA Administrator may be called upon if PTA doesn't make palatable move against these protests. 

PTA to stop baseless promotional calls and SMS

With the coming of instant messages on WhatsApp, Envoy and other social applications, the conventional inbox, driven by instant messages, has turned out to be lethargic incidentally overflowed by special messages from nearby brands in Pakistan. These cell phone numbers are being sold on Facebook Gatherings and OLX like stages for an insignificant 100 rupees, while, some content advertising firms are charging a small 100 to 200 rupees for limited time messages to databases traversing more than 10,000 numbers effectively.

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