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WordPress Website For Free | Earn Money Online 2019

WordPress Website For Free

WordPress is a tool which allows you to create free websites.
It means that you do not need Domain Name and Hosting for your website in WordPress.
So, without further ado let's get started!

I will teach you how to create a free website in WordPress, So, follow instructions about requirements first then get started,

  • PC/Laptop (You can use your Mobile also)
  • Internet Connection
Let's Started!
  • First of all open your blower like google, yahoo or any other your PC have
  • Enter in your browser and click Enter
  • WordPress website home page will be open, Click GET STARTER
  • Now Enter Your Email, User Name, and Password
  • After Fill up the form as shown in the figure Click on CREATE YOUR ACCOUNT

  • Now you have to select about your website, Which type of website would you like to create in WordPress, So now I would like to create a BLOG site, but if you want to get started with any other website then you can select according to your mind. 
  • I have select BLOG, now the other box will be open and I will choose an option to create a website at this stage, I choose EDUCATION
  • Noe you will see an arrow to go next, Click on that Arrow
  • Now Write your BLOG's Name I,e Academy
  • Then again click on the other arrow to go NEXT
  • Now you have to give unique address I,e
  • Now click on any address like the most in the list 
  • After website address selection you will see 4 packages i,e 
    1. FREE
    2. BLOGGER
    4. PREMIUM
  • We have to choose a FREE package (Because we are creating a free website)

  • Now confirm your Email by going to your email inbox
  • After successfully Email Confirmation
  • click on The Tag Line
  • Give Tag Line Name as you wish I,e Academy Bus
  • After completing that stage Click on SAVE CHANGES
  • Complete full CHECKLIST


WordPress Dashboard
Now you will see your WordPress dashboard in which you may make changes to your website, you are the admin of the site and now you can control all the activities on your site

Plugins are actually the set of multiple websites or we can say that A plugin is behaving like an application to perform a specific task in our WordPress website.
There are two types of Plugins in the market
  1. Free Plugins
  2. Paid Plugins
Free plugins are those plugins for which you are allowed to use them in your website for free to complete a specific task, while on the other hand paid plugins are those plugins which are payable and you have to pay some money to use them in your website.

Any type of Photo, Video, Files, Audio clip, etc in WordPress is called media.
There is limited storage in WordPress, if you want to store or upload more media in WordPress then you have to purchase hosting to store files and media etc.

After writing a post or a page then you can share your page or post using the social network as marketing tools, by sharing your posts more traffic will visit your site which means you can earn more revenue from your website.

Add People
You are admin of your website but if you want to add more people to handle your website then this option allows you to add people to your website;

You can add;
  1. Author
  2. Editor
  3. Contributor
  4. Subscriber
  5. Viewer
NOTE; Administrator option is just for you or anyone who is trusted for you.

Add Domain
If you want to add your unique Domain name ( then this option allows you to add a domain name according to your choice but to add the domain name you have to pay for that to WordPress, After payment you can upgrade your domain name.


If you have to complete your website in free site mode and now want to move it on your unique site address (Domain name)
then you can import all data/content to your hosting which you have purchased to host your WordPress website.

To learn how to import website to new hosting, please comment down I will answer your query within 5 minutes

Make Money By WordPress
You can also make money by WordPress, You can upload your content, Media and files then these media and contents can generate money by Sponsorship, Adds of different companies, Google Ads, etc.

You can generate unlimited money by your blogs, content, Remember that all content should be unique and interested in visitors on your websites.

To learn more about how to make money online, please comment down then I will write another separate blog just about how to make money online. 


Best Hostings

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