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UpWork | How To Create Upwork Profile-Account | Make Money Online | Odesk or Upwork Account

UpWork  How To Create Upwork Profile-Account

UpWork - How To Create Upwork Profile

Hy everyone, If you want to make money online but you don't have any resource then this post will assist you to learn how to generate money online by working at your home, Here, in this post, I will introduce a platform (website) by which you can earn money online.
Name of that platform is UpWork (Odesk is its old name).

You can earn money for a lifetime by working with UpWork, UpWork is not a platform, it's your future, which can change your whole life.
It's always;
  • Free for All
  • Easy to Use
  • Flexible for everyone
First of all, I will teach you How To Create UpWork Account, It's easy to create and flexible to use in any source (Mobile or PC).

To create UpWork Account, please follow these easy and simple steps;
First of all, open your Browser (Google)
Type this address
Now, if you want to hire a freelancer, then please post a job by clicking on POST A JOB
To post a Job or to hire a freelancer, you have to create your profile on UpWork, To create your Buyer's Account, CLICK HERENow you will see a small Sign Up Form on your screen, Fill this Form very carefully according to your CNIC and Bank Records, otherwise, your account may not be approved.

Type your First Name, Last Name, and Email.
After fill, this form click on Get Started

Now select your country and create your password
Now you have to decide again that if you want to hire a freelancer from UpWork then click on Hire For A Project.
If you want to be a freelancer and provide your services in UpWork then please Click on Work As A FreelancerFirst of all, I will teach you how to Hire For Your Project (To hire a Freelancer from up work)

After selecting your country and create your password, please click on Hire For A Project and Tick mark on both the option given below in the picture and then Click NEXT

UpWork - How To Create Upwork Profile-Account

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