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PTA - Mobile Verification | How To Unblock Your Mobile Phone Online? | Complete Info

PTA - Mobile Verification
PTA - Mobile Verification  How To Unblock Your Mobile Phone Online  Complete Info

How To Unblock Your Mobile Phone Online

PTA (Pakistan Media transmission Specialist ) has obstructed over 2.8 million illicit and unregistered cell phones in Pakistan, PTA set the plan to hinder more than 3 million cell phones which are esteemed unlawful in Pakistan till 30th April 2019. 

PTA reported that there are around 3 Million snuck and non-custom paid cell phones in Pakistan which incorporates both PDAs and highlighted Telephones. 

The telephone will be obstructed in a few stages which are not enrolled with Gadget Distinguishing proof Enlistment And Blocking Framework (DIRBS). 

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The telephones which are snuck into Pakistan, after fifth January 2019 will be basically centered around the cell phones blocking process, PTA propelled a framework named DIRBS to square carried and stolen cell phones in Pakistan, the reason behind propelling the framework is to obstruct all unlawful and pirated cell phones for all time in the nation, If your telephone gets hindered by the experts, you can not utilize that telephone and there is just a single method to unblock that telephone. 

Pursue these basic advances if your telephone gets blocked;
  1. Go to PTA's Website
  2. Click on ''DRS'' tab on the Top Right Corner
  3. Sign-Up with your Name, Email and CNIC Number.
  4. Enter your phone's model and a pre-calculated tax/duty will appear on your mobile's screen
  5. Pay the tax amount and get your phone unlocked.
If you want to check the status of your mobile in PTA (DIRBS) online, follow these simple steps;
  1. Dial *#06# from your mobile
  2. Your Mobile's IMEI Number will show
  3. Go to PTA's Website
  4. Drop or type IMEI Number and click on CHECK
To get SMS verification, please follow these steps;
  1. go to Write A New Message from your mobile
  2. Type IMEI
  3. Send it to 8484
  4. Read carefully the response of PTA' Message

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