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Fiverr - Work From Home | Online Money Earning Jobs | Complete Info

Fiverr - Work From Home Make Money
Fiverr - Work From Home

Fiverr - Work From Home (How To Earn Money)

Hello guys, hope you are all set, This blog is all about Fiverr, If you want to do Online Money Earning Jobs and work from Home then this blog/ post will definitely help you 100%.

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is a freelance marketplace or a freelancers website where Freelancers come and register* themselves then provide their services and by the same process buyer or clients also register his / herself on Fiverr and they can contact to any freelancer to get his/ her services which he or she is providing on Fiverr.

Register means to create an account

Simply, we can say that Fiverr is a platform where some Freelancer (Who have experience in any skill) and provide their services, fix their fee per hour or per job and then any client (Who need some services but he doesn't have any skill) will contact a freelancer, giver requirements, pay fee and successfully get complete Service from freelancer.

For Example;

There are a freelancer and a client, both are registered on Fiverr.
Freelancer is providing Web Designing Services on Fiverr and A client needs a Web Site but he doesn't have any skill to design a website so, he will contact to that freelancer by Fiverr, Tell him all requirements i,e. Pages, Posts, Products on E-Commerce, etc, pay his fee and then that Freelancer will start his job and have to complete that job in time.
After completing a job, Freelancer then contacts back to his client and submit his Complete Work to his client than Client gives a review (Stars) on Freelancer's work.

How to Create a Fiverr Account?

Follow the following steps;
  • Open your browser (Google)
  • Type (you will be in Fiverr homepage)
  • Click JOIN at the right corner (See picture given below)
Fiverr - Work From Home
  • Now a Small Window will appear  
  • select only one method to Continue (Email, Facebook or Google, it is recommended to continue with your Email)
Fiverr - Work From Home

  • Now click Continue
  • Choose a batter Username & Password
  • Click JOIN
Now you have registered on Fiverr but as a client or a buyer not as a freelancer
If you want to get services from other freelancers on Fiverr then you don't need to go further, you can search freelancers NOW,
But if you want to provide your services on Fiverr then you have to go further to create a profile as a seller (Seller Account).

To create Seller Account, please follow these simple step;
  • Click Continue from next window
Now a FORM will be open and you have to fill that form very carefully;
  • Type your Original Name (As per CNIC)
  • Upload your original Profile Picture
  • The description should be related to you and your skill or services you are providing
  • Select Languages (Basic, Conversational, Fluent or Native)
  • Now Click Continue
  • Now fill up your personal Information 
  • Select your skill or service and Experience (if any) if you have any other skill then you can add manually by clicking +Add New
  • Add your Skill (i,e WordPress)
  • Add information about your Education
  • Add your certificate 
(if you don't have any certificate then you should enroll your self in DigiSkill and Get Free Courses from The Government Of Pakistan)
If you want to get free online courses CLICK HERE
  • Add your personal website (If any)
  • Click Continue
  • Connect your social contacts
  • Verify your Mobile Number and Email
  • After verification, Set a security question and the FINISH


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